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Are you looking for a long lasting bond in your relationship? Do you feel that your relationship does not feel the same anymore? Don’t fret, you are not the only one who feels that way. Although there are perks of living in a progressive modern era, we can find pitfalls in equal measure. Even the issues and conflicts that bother the society have advanced drastically.

People in the present era, are dealing with problems that revolve around anger management, communication gap, spirituality, sexuality and more. No matter what overwhelming issues you face, seek help from one of our professional therapists in San Antonio.

Our select team of counselors understand that counseling is a process wherein they need to analyze a situation from your perspective and offer a perfect solution. We know you are unique and so is your problem, which is why we offer you the choice to choose the right counseling session on the basis of your problem:

  • Addiction And Depression: Journey of coping with any kind of addiction such as pornography, is a   long one and you will need someone to guide you on the way. Same goes for the recovery path for depression. You are vulnerable in these situations and our counselors provide a strong support to help you overcome all your problems.
  • Emotional Abuse: Changing priorities and needs of people, have made emotional abuse prevalent. Whether you have been through an emotional or physical abuse, counseling can help and heal. Our team of skilled counselors help you deal with these issues and overcome any challenge.
  • Family and Marriage Counseling: As vulnerable individuals, we have the capability of imagining the worst case scenario even for a petty issue. But for the sustenance of marriage and other relationships, we need to let go of some issues and try to work around it. Our licensed counselors help you in implementing this in life, so you can build authentic and long lasting relationships.

Our counselors have expertise in many other areas such as PSTD, sexuality, spirituality and much more. Just browse through our website to know how our professional counselors can help.


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Meet Our Professional Counselors

  • Dawn Williams
    Therapy Expertise: Abuse & Trauma, Relationship & Family Conflict, Anxiety & Adjustment, Depression, Divorce & Custody Issues
  • Ashley Wellmann
    Therapy Expertise: Marital/Premarital, Anxiety Depression, Sexual Assault
  • Janet Harrison
    Therapy Expertise: Relationships, Anxiety& Stress Management, Divorce/Remarriage, Adolescent Issues
  • Chris Clark
    Therapy Expertise: Marriage, Anger Management, Sexual Addiction, Adolescents, ADHD
  • Mark Postell
    Therapy Expertise: Marriage, Communication, Couples, Families




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Counselor Chat does not offer crisis counseling or emergency services. If you have an emergency do not use this site but call 911 immediately or go to your nearest hospital emergency room. If you are having thoughts of suicide call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline anytime @ 1-800-273-8255 The tele-therapy services made available through Counselor Chat are provided by licensed therapists practicing through independently owned professional practices. These professional practices provide services via the Counselor Chat tele-therapy platform. Counselor Chat, LLC does not itself provide any counseling, therapy or mental health services. Counselor Chat therapists do not see clients for Schizophrenia, Psychiatric or Suicidal emergencies or prescribe medication. Appropriate and necessary medical assistance should be sought immediately for these issues. Counselor Chat is currently only open and available to residents of the state of Texas. If you reside in another state please check back with us as we are launching and expanding to other states soon.